THE 1st "SEO / Reputation Management Tool" OF ITS KIND.

About is the Industry's FIRST SEO-based REPUTATION MANAGEMENT program for PEOPLE & COMPANIES of its kind.

We are taking the fundamentals of On-Line Marketing and combining them with Trends and Techniques of today's Search Query Results and Complicated Algorithms to offer a FREE Profile-Building Page to help you control what Google and the other 200+ Search Engines "spit back" when someone does a search on YOU.

The GOAL is GETTING YOUR PAGE SEEN when someone Googles You or Your Business!

Looking for a Job = worried about what "might show up"

Have a "New" Family Member looking into your past?

Some of your past showing up on a Google Search?


Today's Reputation Management programs will cost you Thousands of dollars just to get started to help eliminate items that wind up on a Search. Companies Like Ripoff Report have 1,000's of pages and have been around for years posting information about Business and People that any Tom-Dick-or-Harry can complain about. Professional Agencies will not touch a project these days for less than$10,000.

If Something True/Untrue gets to the internet =these on-line pages can, and mostly do, ruin people's Businesses and Personal Lives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ONLY PROVEN method to help PUSH-DOWN (Not Eliminate) these negative Comments.


1. Get our Starter Page For FREE (see that it works)

2. Sign Up for our Complete Package for $299.95 a year (no contract).

FREE Starter Page Includes: Company Profile and Contact information not to exceed 3 (normal) paragraphs / 1set of changes.

COMPLETE Package Includes: Content and info to fill all categories @ $299.95 - with 2 sets of changes. Monthly Updates at $9.95 each.

Sample FULL PROFILE PACKAGE Here FranchiseMart

Full $299.95 Profile Page (Cheapest Website & SEO you will Ever Get!)

What we fill in for you below


Business Partners / Affiliates


Pictures Up to 5 pictures with client provided text for Alt-Tags (helping in SEO).

Social Media Profiles Links


Additional Contact info


its FREE - what are you waiting for?




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